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4 Tips to Building Your Personal Brand in College

by The Burns & McDonnell Careers Team December 5, 2016

One of the primary goals of college is to prepare you for your future career — and while you’re juggling coursework and campus involvement, this is also an ideal time to begin building your personal brand. Creating a strong personal brand not only helps boost your recognition among peers and prospective colleagues, it can better […]

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A Day in the Life: How Recruiters Use Social Media

by Mike Myers July 1, 2015

Social media and recruiting — yep, I’m at it again. I recently wrote about why social media should be a part of your job search strategy, detailing how recruiters rely on social media to find, research and hire candidates. Social media is an integral part of a recruiter’s workday, but what does that use actually […]

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How to Find a Job Using Twitter

by Mike Myers November 4, 2014

When thinking about social networks, most of us view LinkedIn as the most professional outlet, but what about other platforms like Twitter? Can job-hunters tweet their way to career success? You bet! Twitter can be a valuable resource for sharing content and can help you build awareness of yourself as a professional. Although it isn’t […]

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LiveKC Initiative Aims to Attract Millennials to Kansas City

by Elle Jenkins July 14, 2014

When most people think of a young, hip city, New York or Chicago come to mind — not Kansas City. To change that, a group of companies, including Burns & McDonnell, recently teamed up to form LiveKC, an initiative aimed at attracting millennials to Kansas City — and keeping them here. The group comprises representatives […]

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Get the Most Out of Sharing on LinkedIn with These Tips

by Mike Myers May 12, 2014

By now, you’re probably one of the 300 million people around the world with a LinkedIn profile. But having a LinkedIn profile and never posting a status update is like writing a great bio and putting it in a filing cabinet. Chances are good that no one will ever see it. And that really kind […]

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