Business Essentials: Tips for Successful Professional Networking

June 25, 2014

Networking is essential in the business world, yet many dread networking events. To help ease the pain and awkwardness, we asked several members of our team to share their best networking advice. Here are their tips for how to prepare for an event, conversation dos and don’ts, and advice for following up after a networking [...]

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Burns & McDonnell’s Minneapolis-St. Paul Office Earns Top Workplaces ‘Three-Peat’

June 23, 2014

After starting out small with just two employees in 2007, our Minneapolis-St. Paul office staff has grown to 74 in seven years. One reason for the explosive growth: a healthy and welcoming work environment. But don’t just take my word for it — the Star Tribune recently named our office to its Top Workplaces list, [...]

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Get Surge Hiring Right the First Time

June 19, 2014

Surge hiring isn’t something that has a lot of airtime in the business world these days. But sometimes, a business needs to rapidly expand its team — maybe due to sudden growth or landing a major new contract. Whether you need to hire 15 people or 500, failing to plan ahead can leave you spinning [...]

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The Best Career Advice I Ever Received

June 17, 2014

Whether you’re just starting out in your professional career or have several years of experience under your belt, a little career advice from seasoned pros from time to time can help keep you inspired and motivated. So we asked several of our A/E/C professionals to share thoughts and career advice that helped get them where [...]

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15 Steps to Getting the Most from Your Next Engineering Conference

June 3, 2014

Attending conferences can offer many benefits — both professional and personal — and open up opportunities for engineering professionals. Bouncing ideas off other engineers and catching up with the latest industry developments can not only increase your knowledge, it can also improve your standing in the engineering community and help advance your career. Here are [...]

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Navigating the Generation Gap in the Workplace

May 27, 2014

Regardless of age or generation, we all share the need for respect, trust and clear communication at work. Knowing that, is the generation gap in the workplace really that important? It is. Because while we all crave effective communication, respect and trust, what that looks like differs depending in large part on the generation into [...]

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