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Planning a Vacation? Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed When You Return to Work

by The Burns & McDonnell Careers Team July 6, 2015

You’ve planned for months, packed for days and now you’re ready for your vacation. Time away from work and other responsibilities will be glorious! What’s not so magnificent? The stress you feel when catching up on work after a vacation spent sitting on the beach or sliding down the slopes. Retreats are meant for relaxing, […]

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Finding Balance: Tips for Working Parents

by Laura Dulle April 20, 2015

When you have kids, balancing a full-time career with being a full-time parent is a constant challenge. This balancing act has become a common conversation in the workplace, and many successful parents worry they’re sacrificing their families on the altar of their own ambition. So what’s the answer? Is there a secret formula to success? […]

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10 Stress-Relief Tips for the Office

by The Burns & McDonnell Careers Team March 17, 2015

Between looming deadlines, countless meetings and the constant feeling that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, we’ve all experienced work-related stress at some point. The United States is a notoriously high-stress country, with a staggering eight of 10 Americans reporting stress about at least one thing at work — up from last year’s […]

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Fighting the Flu: Tips for Staying Healthy at the Office

by The Burns & McDonnell Careers Team January 2, 2015

The hectic holidays may have come to a close, but as we welcome the new year, we also find ourselves in the middle of another stressful time of year: flu season. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that flu cases in the U.S. peak in mid-January, and as you head back to work […]

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Help Beat Cancer: Join Cancer Prevention Study

by The Burns & McDonnell Careers Team August 19, 2013

The American Cancer Society projects that more than 1.6 million people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer in 2013. And of that number, approximately 35 percent may die. But now you have a chance to help change those statistics. The American Cancer Society is recruiting study participants for a new long-term study to help eliminate […]

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