Motivate Employees With A Participation-Based Insurance Discount Program

by HR Team November 3, 2011

High insurance premiums are one of the biggest obstacles to healthcare. The answer? Consider launching an employee wellness program that results in discounted health insurance. Many companies today are taking a proactive approach to wellness and to trying to keep insurance costs in line. In many cases, creating an incentive-based wellness program can pay off […]

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Why You Should Participate In Your Company’s 401(k)

by HR Team October 28, 2011

Wondering why to participate in your company’s 401(k) plan? In this climate of economic uncertainty, preparing for your financial future may seem intimidating, if not downright daunting. Enrolling in your company’s 401(k) can help ease your anxiety by taking a critical step in planning for your retirement. “A 401(k) plan is one of the easiest […]

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The 411 On Your 401(k)

by HR Team October 15, 2011

When you begin your career at a corporation, there are three big numbers you have to deal with: 401. Your 401(k), that is. There’s a lot of talk surrounding your 401(k) retirement plan and what to do once you’ve begun saving. But when you’ve just started on the path to retirement savings, there are many […]

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