July 2012

How Professional Development Helps Advance Your Career

by HR Team July 26, 2012

Congratulations! You’ve landed a new job and are ready to begin the next chapter of your professional development. While you’re in the midst of learning a new job, new skills and acclimating yourself to a new office, be sure to also keep your eyes peeled for professional development opportunities that will help you continue to […]

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The Art of Doing One Thing at a Time

by HR Team July 19, 2012

In theory, multitasking seems like a great idea. After all, the more you tackle at one time, the more you can get done, right? Yet over time, multitasking can lead not only to decreased productivity, but also to fatigue and increased stress levels. Multitasking involves dividing your attention among various tasks in order to complete […]

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Evaluating (and Negotiating) a Job Offer

by HR Team July 17, 2012

After all of the time and effort you’ve invested in your job search, there’s nothing more satisfying than receiving a job offer. Although you’re likely brimming with excitement about your new opportunity, keep in mind that a job offer is something to carefully consider — you may even want to do a little negotiating. If […]

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